Elaine Ganahl

Associate Pastor
work: (605) 692-2564

“Church family” is a phrase that is common is use but, in my experience, is uncommon to find. In fact, when we first started to call our church a family years ago, I’m not sure we knew what that meant. Today, I understand church family because I see it lived out before me week by week, crisis by crisis, joy by joy.

My main roles in our church family is to organize, to lead, to pray, to encourage, to accept, and to love.

It is a privilege to organize the children’s ministry at Abundant Life. Jesus has blessed us with team members who have a heart for loving and guiding the children in our care to see the love, identity and future God has for them in Christ. It is our desire to bring kids to Jesus to find everything they need for life.

I love to try new things! I’m thankful to Pastor Joe and our leadership for the opportunities for “noble failures,” to do something we haven’t done before. Our church has a culture to be able to lead without fear knowing if something you try it doesn’t turn out as expected, you are still loved and accepted, and given the chance to try again. What freedom for growth and expansion!

Prayer brings us such peace knowing we are communicating with the Almighty and Most High God. Communicating with our Heavenly Father is something I enjoy doing alone, with a friend, or in a group. How blessed we are to have access directly into the throne room of Heaven to bring our praises, our concerns, and our loved ones.

Encouragement, acceptance, and love to me go hand-in-hand. When we understand the love and acceptance Jesus has for us, it frees us to love and accept those around us. The purpose of our church is to encourage each other whenever we get together. Love and acceptance in Christ make that possible.

Perhaps if you are looking for a church family, this is where God would plant you. There is always room for those who are seeking to know Jesus better and find a place that feels like home.