AL Worship Ministry


Commonly asked Questions

What “style” of Worship do we do at Abundant Life?
Our Worship here at Abundant Life does not have a set “style”.  In any given week we might do contemporary, acoustic, hymns, and even a little southern Gospel!  We understand that not everyone worships in the same way to the same style of music, so we like to mix things up and see that everyone can have a worshipful experience each and every week!  Our Worship is aimed at preparing our hearts for the message we are receiving!
Why is Worship important to us?
No matter where we are in life, whether it be on a mountain or going through the valleys, we can praise God and rejoice.  Our blessings all come from Him and He has already carried our sins and burdens on his back, therefore, we can always praise Jesus!!  It is truly a blessing to be part of this ministry, one that is constantly looking to Jesus and rejoicing in the amazing grace His death on the cross has given us. Because of that, we are the righteousness of Christ, so we get to spend every day praising Him!  How awesome is that?!
What kind of people are we looking for to be involved?
Our hope is to have a Worship Team filled with individuals who genuinely have a passion for worship! We are called to worship, not just to be talented and gifted with our instrument/sound board/etc. WE HAVE FUN. While there are times where focus and diligence is needed, we truly do have a lot of FUN. Working with others who share the same passion as you should be fun and there are many rehearsals where there is more laughter heard than singing!
Do I have to try-out/audition?
Upon receiving your submission of interest, Tyler will contact you to set up a time to meet with him and another member of the worship team. Don’t see this as a try-out but as an opportunity to show us your gifts and your passion for worship, as well as a time for us to get to know each other better! While we would prefer you to have basic knowledge and skill-set in your area of interest (tech, drums, vocals, etc.), we sure don’t want to discourage anyone from chasing after their passion for worship. We have all the means necessary to help train and guide you through how we do things and we will not ask you to do anything until YOU feel confident enough to do it! Even if you are just thinking that you might want to get involved in the next year or so, but may be still learning your craft and gaining confidence, let us know, we can help!
What schedule obligations are there?
We generally meet at 8:15am Sunday morning.  95% of the time worship will just be at the beginning of service. On rare occasions we might ask the worship team to stay for a closing song. We do not ask our volunteers to be involved every single weekend. Our hope is that you can have at least 1 or 2 Sundays a month where you can worship with your family and friends in the congregation! There will be sign-up sheet in Tyler’s office for a month in advance so, as long as he is aware of any schedule obligations, there will be no problem with your schedule!
Specific Needs:
Slides Coordinator: This person simply runs our slides on Sunday mornings. They do not create the slides for service but rather makes sure our system (Pro Presenter) is running smoothly on Sunday morning, and clicks through slides with worship, announcements, and the sermon.
Guitar Players: While we have a wonderful and full team, we would love to have a few more skilled guitarists join the team!

If you have any further questions regarding our Worship Team, please contact Tyler thru the form below.